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The Devil's Gambit is a short, narrative driven, horror game about a man named William Delfour attempting to kill his unfaithful ex-wife through the use of a strange ritual taught to him by his friend, Theodore Wilde. However, there may be more hidden just beneath the surface... will you find enough secrets to piece together what is really going between William and Margaret? Darkness often appears where we least expect it.  


- Fully Immersive Blend of Chess and Horror

- Voice Acted Characters

- 13 Secrets to Discover

- Multiple Endings (Including A Secret Ending)


- William Delfour

- Margaret Delfour

- Theodore Wilde

- Pastor Romo


TheDevilsGambit.zip 295 MB
TheDevilsGambitMacOS.app.zip 298 MB

Development log


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Doesn't allow you to checkmate - I was in a position to checkmate him on the fourth move, but it didn't let me and only let me move in other directions.

Are you sure that is the case jxvn? The move generation algorithm does not take into account wether or not the move results in a checkmate until the move is made. Could it be that there was a discovered check pinning your attacking piece? In any case I will take a look at the code right now.

The board looked like this (I reconstructed the position using a virtual chess board)

I wanted to move Queen to F7, but it wouldn't let me - the only highlighted square was G3.

If the picture in my reply doesn't show up, here:

1| Ro    Bi Qu Ki Bi    Ro
2| Pa Pa Pa Pa Kn Pa Pa Pa
3|       Kn
4|             Pa
5|       Bi    Pa
6|                Qu
7| Pa Pa Pa Pa    Pa Pa Pa
8| Ro Kn Bi    Ki    Kn Ro
   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H

(Bold is black, Italic is White)

Thank you for posting this. I will run this position in my chess engine to see if it is a problem with the engine or with the code I wrote to interact my engine in this game. I am guessing it is the later.

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Loved it! Beautiful and eerie, great attention to detail, nice jump scares. Played it 3 times. I encountered two issues tho’, maybe the problem is at my end.

1) When reading the instructions near the recorder, you can press F to interact. This doesn't do anything for the notes, can’t pick them up, that’s ok. But by pushing F with your back at the chessboard, you actually place the ring on the chessboard without realizing it, missing an important scene. I kept looking for the ring around the house but it was already offered.

2) During one of my playthroughs, I couldn't move the chess pieces out of a sudden. The pink marker disappeared completely and I got stuck in a loop. The writings on the wall kept urging me to make a move but I couldn't. Or maybe I missed an available move because I was so scared :p Dunno. But the pink marker was nowhere, that's for sure.

Hope this feedback helps if there’s anything to fix - if it’s my bad, sorry for the babble.

K, here’s my shameless yt advertisement, hope you don’t mind I made a vid :p

Wow! Thank you for all the feedback! It is always more than welcome! Im in school right now, but I will give it a watch when I get home. Thank you for the vid and have a great day!

I loved the design and idea of this game, but wish it was a bit brighter and there was more variance in the effects that occurred during the game.

Thanks for the video man! I loved it! I will certainly take your advice into consideration when I make another horror game!

The game's premise is very interesting and I like the idea of a horror filled chess match. But, at least in my run, I found the jumpscares a bit too overbearing. 

I understand that there's no real way to gauge a player's match, but maybe it might be better to tone down some of the wall text scares and go for some environmental scares like a window shattering and etc.

I also found that the black chess pieces blended into both the board and the background when you are at the table. Maybe either lighten the black chess pieces up a bit or brighten the area around the chessboard. That's my two cents on that if anything else. Great game idea.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you for all the constructive feedback and the video. The biggest challenge was defiantly pacing. I was planning on increasing the general scare factor based on the evaluation of the board, but my chess engine is not always very smart (it likes to think its always winning). If I were to come back to this project, the game evaluation would defiantly be the first part I improve. Thank you again for playing!

(IMPORTANT) To take pieces you must click the square below the piece you wish to take (similarly to how you would move normally), not the enemy piece itself!

I wanna take the piecessss

otherwise so cool!

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Thank you so much bro! Refer to the post above if you would like to try again!

Cool idea. It seems to be bugged though. It won't allow you to take any of the devil's pieces?

That is strange, Ill look into it right now!

I just jumped into the build and there doesn't seem to be an issue. Are you clicking on the pieces or the board squares under the devils pieces. You must click the square below the piece. I should make that more clear, my apologies!

Ah yeah, seems like I was clicking on the pieces instead of the spaces. Did run into a coup-le of weird bugs - one  of my knights just froze in the center of the board and the other knight was somehow commandeered by the devil when he castled with it. The Devil then carried on using my knight as if it was a rook! 

It's a cool game though. Would recommend adding subtitles to what the Devil says at the end because I couldn't make out any of it!

Thank you for the advice! There were defiantly some porting issues when I tried to upgrade my chess engine to interface with the game board, but those will be fixed when I have time! 

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