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Sorry I couldn't pay, but I will say I loved the game, very cool concept.

I'll never visit a farm ever again after this one... Great game!

very... unique game :] liked the ending

what i saw in dreams is pigs and person killing the pigs

just got hella jumpscared!! good game!! <3

So creepy,confusing,yet entertaining.


boring walking simulator with a boring ending. meh.

Bizarre game, but a lot of fun! It definitely has a certain charm to it and I enjoyed it very much!

hi, big thx for the great disturbing game. i love it. greetings from rosti 😍

Tried out 'Food For Pigs'!


This was an extremely eerie experience. Those pigs will haunt my nightmares.

This game was very fun and especially: very different! I enjoyed the refreshing change from most horror games!

These pigs... this is actual nightmare fuel.

Played 3 of your games i loved them all!
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ahhh pigs are scary now xD

Pigs are truly scary 



3 Scary Games

Hope You enjoy!!!

Is the last 3rd game I play

This got so dark so fast and I love it! The pigs were great because they scared the crap out of me when they sprang towards the food! Being watched was great for the atmosphere and the ending, well done! It's the second game played at 3:18 

Well, Who knew feeding pigs would be soo........ Great game....

Oink Oink am I right boy?

Would have been better if it didnt have the filter. other wise. Pretty good!

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A mixed bag of games, but this weird game made the cut

FOOD FOR PIGS Is not even the worst game out of the bunch! - YouTube


I think I might've played the games out of order lol played Episode 2 then fear lift after, still loved the games! Looking forward to playing more! Here's my video for the second episode! 


Hey i know this guy

hey I know this guy!

That was awesome rly, loved the game :)


Jogo bom, tomei um susto no final, poderia ter mais elementos de terror, vou jogar a continuação.

Very creepy, there wasn't a twist but I was still creeped out.

I played both games in one video but I'll give separate comments to distinguish. I really enjoy how weird the game is! It's very unique and that's awesome to see. Nice and short and overall creepy all around! Thanks for making it

Good game!! It was a weird experience but I liked it. 

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

Its going to get to the point where I will go nowhere near farms or farm animals if I keep playing these games. Incredible job Matt. I may swear off Bacon for the rest of my life.

Pho da hora massa


really enjoyed this please check out my play through below x 

This is so freaking creepy. Can’t wait to play the rest 

Great game, really enjoyed it.

god it's so disturbing

Awesome game, but at the end i knew the pigs were gonna end up feeding on me. i  w i l  l n e v e r l o o k a  t  p i g s   t h e s a m e w a y

A short but spooky game the watching eyes and how you're all alone in the middle of nowhere really builds the atmosphere but as a good farmer I will always feed my pig

It was short, spooky and now I don't think I'll ever trust pigs again. It was just odd enough to make me want to try the other games in the series and continue being a good farmer.

I really liked your game, I liked how mysterious it can be, I like to make theory videos and make a video about your game
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