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Really cool game, controlls are very responsive, soundtrack is exactly what I like, as well as neon graphics. However, drift whistling sounds get a little annoying. Overall, greatly enjoyed this.

I really enjoyed this game. The graphics and hub design was really good.

I love the game, its action packed! The graphics is simply beautiful. Graphics is 10/10. The game gives a lot of adrenaline. It has some difficulty too, which is nice ;)

Hey PopSplash Games, just wanted to thank someone for the encouragement at such an early stage of my game dev! Your kind words have helped become better!

MacOS Catalina support please

I won't be able to save the sun otherwis

Hey man, checked it out. It's quite unresponsive so the game feels kind of unfair. It's great otherwise

This is really fun, maybe have an option to turn off the 'Faster' when you start a course


Really nige game!!! Very fun!!

Nice game, I liked it
* Control is difficult ):

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Really nice one! But breaking shouldn't cost you anything, in my opinion :p The game is too difficult for newbies like me, so at least allow us to break to finish the track slowly :' ) Loved the visuals and the tracks !
There's a bug, if you fall from the road but immediately touches another ground after (he you fall at the angle of the road for example) you are locked in the road after.

Yeah and the "faster" thing slowing down the screen is disrupting my flow :)

Yes that bug is a weird one indeed, Ill take a look to see if I can fix it :)  Thank you for the feedback!

Really nice game. It can be a cool rithm-game btw if you'll add obstacles

It's relly a cool game! I like the control and visuals.

I'm loving the game, the visuals and audio are great.

I'm loving the gameplay, it's very fund and competitive, though I'm not much fan of the constant "tutorial" text in the levels themselves.

It's a great game, keep it up!

You mean the "Faster" thing

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I might remove that part people seem to not like that part

i like the colors and the sound of the game. Could be a mobile Game.

Awesome game!

This game is really fun to play. Despite my lack of skill where racing games are concerned, I found myself constantly trying to get a better time. Very well done! :D

Awesome game :D

I really like your game but I'm not a fan of the constant words in the intro and makes the game annoying. It would be better if it only happened on the intro and 1st level.

My sister was saying that as well, I'll keep that in mind for my next project!

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Hey I like yours as well, The visuals and music is awesome.